To mark and celebrate the major Corsten’s Countdown milestones, Ferry now hosts two annual special live broadcasts that can be heard across every continent on our radio partners, this website and Ferry’s app. These mammoth 8 hour interactive shows beam direct from exciting locations in the summer and at New Year. 

The Corsten’s Countdown live shows bring together Ferry’s global listenership and are created by Ferry selecting prime track requests received via this website and Ferry’s social media. In keeping with the weekly format Ferry’s global audience is invited to submit their personal Top 3 from which the ultimate countdown is created for the final hour top 10 tracks.

Further to the music the Corsten’s Countdown specials also feature fan’s favorites tracks, Corsten Countdown hits, exciting exclusive guests and interviews, plus LIVE performances.

The most recent special was on December 30: Corsten's Countdown NYE2013 Special, LIVE from New York City. 

Check the archives of the previous specials here:


Episode 465